Lilla A Heston Award Call

The Lilla A. Heston Award for Outstanding Scholarship in Interpretation and Performance Studies recognizes NCA members who have published research and creative scholarship in interpretation and performance studies. The award is given to authors of scholarship published during the previous three-year period. The date of copyright of the published material will serve as the date of publication. The recipient of the award will receive a plaque and a cash award from the Lilla A. Heston Award Fund.
Nominations must be sent to the selection committee chair by someone well acquainted with the scholarship.
Self-nominations are encouraged.

The nomination must include the following material (copies will not be returned):
• a cover letter specifying the scholarship (e.g., publisher or journal name,
publication date)
• a detailed rationale for why the scholarship should receive the award
• and when possible, three copies or examples of the scholarship.
Send nominations to:

Nominations should be sent as a Microsoft Word or PDF email attachment to Bernadette Calafell at by April 1st.

Committee Members
Bernadette Calafell, Chair
Kurt Lindemann
John Anderson